The first authentic expert network consulting model across the sub-Saharan African market.

Let’s make your business thrive

With our decades of experience we have helped start ups seeking seed capital all the way through to JSE listed companies achieve their full potential. 

Being able to draw on our diverse skill base from multiple industries, we will support you from strategy development through to strategy implementation with execution planning, programme management, complimentary digital solutions and change facilitation

Business Transformation

As the competitive landscape changes through a growing digital and networked world, our strategic programme management and operating model design services can support your business' evolution, through customer journey management, digitisation and operational excellence

Market Analytics

We understand that growing your business in developing regions of Sub-Saharan Africa might seem daunting but with our deep understanding of the local markets we will provide you with relevant market analytics, competitive and cultural insights that will allow you to craft a winning African strategy


Our experts have been involved in many projects integrating digital technologies and practices in different sectors and can help your organisation thrive by empowering your people and processes with the right selection and implementation of digital tools

By doing things the MɅD way, we’re able to offer you a compelling array of expertise and offerings cost effectively

MɅD is a networked consulting firm, the result of flipping the consulting model on its head. Our team consists of senior independent specialists, coming together to sell and deliver client specific work in a fluid manner, leveraging a common toolset and approach. 

The MɅD Way


The Team

At MɅD Associates, we do things differently – slightly mad. We are a small company with strong network resources. We invest in you in the same way that you invest in contracting with us. We serve the individual client specifically and are there to help you build success through how you lead your company.


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