• The first authentic expert network consulting model across the sub-Saharan African market. 

  • The first authentic expert network consulting model across the sub-Saharan African market. 

  • The first authentic expert network consulting model across the sub-Saharan African market. 

The MɅD Approach

Our business model turns traditional consulting on its head.

MɅD is a networked consulting firm, consisting of senior independent specialists, coming together to sell and deliver client specific work in a fluid manner, leveraging a common toolset and approach. MɅD acts as the glue that delivers best in class consulting under one brand.

By being networked MɅD is able to offer cost effective expert consulting services with a professional ethos. We have worked with a variety of private and public sector clients across multiple industries, both locally and internationally.

Our Clients

Our clients are senior executives in or leaders of the top tier businesses in our region. They know what they want to achieve, and we offer them tailored teams of experienced consultants – typically twice as experienced as comparable teams from traditional firms.

We work with clients across a broad spectrum of industries and in countries right across Sub-Saharan Africa.

MɅD Associates’ partners with our clients to tackle the most important issues that they face as leaders. The depth of experience that each associate brings to the table means that we can partner at a senior level with the client because each associate combines years of consulting experience with a similar depth of managerial experience. 

Our Services

We align our advisory business to the goals of our clients, providing tactical advice and bespoke strategies to meet your specific needs and challenges.

At MɅD Associates we are able to support our clients from strategy development through to strategy implementation with execution planning, programme management, execution of digital solutions and change facilitation.

We provide advisory support to clients for defining appropriate business models, operating models, competitive strategy, market entry strategies, digital strategy and commercial due diligences.

MɅD Associates’ deep understanding of the Sub-Saharan markets provides you with relevant market analytics, competitive and cultural insights for aligning strategy and the business environment in these fast changing markets. 

About team MɅD

At MɅD Associates, we do things differently – slightly mad. We are a small company with strong network resources. We invest in you in the same way that you invest in contracting with us. We serve the individual client specifically and are there to help you build success through how you lead your company.

We make your problems our problems to solve collaboratively, not from an ivory tower perspective but in a very practical and value adding way. We seek glory – not our own but that of our clients. This means that we have to be madly into teamwork, straight forward honest conversations, and into having a deep understanding of what drives our client’s success.

Why Choose Us

MɅD offers our clients a hub for the best and the brightest independent minds to help you tackle your business challenges and propel your business forward.

Contact Us
Karola McArthur: 082 450 4599 
Stephen Dippenaar: 079 506 4759 
Vanessa Vermeulen: 083 276 7404