• MɅD offers clients a hub for the best and the brightest independent minds to tackle industry challenges and propel your business forward

Connect & Understand

We spend time and energy understanding our clients' business in depth so that we can advise them and support them in execution of their strategies and actions.

Formulate solutions that are both strategic and practical

We help our clients to formulate solutions that are strategic, developed out of analytical rigour and that are core to practical implementation. We support them from concept formulation through to execution. 

Commit to value

Our time is our most important asset, so when we commit consulting time as an investment we treat it very seriously. 

Co-create the client outcomes

Our reward comes from the success of the business we have invested in so we work alongside the client to create the envisioned solutions. 

Our Services

  • Corporate and competitive strategy 

  • Business operating model and organisational architecture design. 

  • Programme management and strategy execution services. 

  • M&A due diligence, transaction advisory and merger integration support. 

  • Complex Financial modelling and business case development. 

  • Technology strategy

  • HR advisory services 

  • Digital transformation 

  • Design thinking and client journey management 

  • Change consulting

  • Process and operational improvement consulting

Strategic Insights

  • Expand or not to expand into sub-Saharan Africa

  • Strategic Focus In Your Organization

  • Rethinking performance goal setting as a value adding enabler of strategy execution

  • Strategic audit to counter corporate demise

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