• The first authentic expert network consulting model across the sub-Saharan African market. 

Our Partners

We are a small firm and from time to time we have to dip into pools of broader expertise to support our delivery at clients. As such we have established a number of strategic partnerships with firms who bring specific expertise to our offering. These are independent firms that form part of our network but who each have their own particular service offering and market positioning.

Altus is a UK based consulting firm with the mission to make Financial Services faster. Whether that’s via high-performance software, moving data around the industry at the speed of light, or by fine-tuning your operations based on their detailed industry models and technology expertise. Their industry models have shaped dozens of the industry’s most successful transformation programmes.

QBIT and QBIT Africa are niche business consultancies that truly understand how the strategy of an organisation translates into the work it does, and how an organisation should be structured to bring its strategy to life.

Nova Economics is a specialist economic and strategy consultancy. They apply economic principles and conduct rigorous empirical research to give clients insight into a range of complex business and socio-economic issues. They are committed to providing independent and objective advice to support their clients in making difficult strategic choices.

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