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Lindsay Howell


Lindsay has extensive experience in business and management consulting across multiple industries and disciplines. Lindsay specializes in leadership development, change management, strategy development and alignment and optimising performance and workflow through the use of psychometric diagnostics, team effectiveness processes, in depth analysis and cognitive based coaching. Her expertise also includes designing and developing customized learning programmes to support leaders and teams in navigating organisational change effectively



Lindsay has international experience working in the Strategy, Leadership Development and Change Management space in Africa (Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya and Mozambique), and has worked with leading IT companies in the UK. Lindsay is passionate about unearthing hidden strengths and potential in others and leveraging this as a catalyst for positive change. She does this by adopting an integrated, analytical and personalised approach to addressing the needs of individuals and teams


Leadership Development, Strategy Development and Alignment, Change Readiness and Change Management, Capability building, Psychometric assessments, Process Optimization and Coaching​

Positions Held

Managing Member/Director at Lymbic

Head of Organisational Effectiveness (BSG)

Principal Consultant (Mindcor Consulting)

Senior Business Psychologist (MAC Consulting)


BU Manager: People and Change (KPMG)

Key Strengths

Leadership Development


Optimisation of change management to embed strategic imperatives


Organisational effectiveness and strategy alignment

Business performance management and process optimisation


Organisation re-design and structure optimisation


Cognitive based Executive Coaching (NeuroLeadership Institute and Neurozone)


Expertise working with clients in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe


Industry experience includes: Financial Services, Manufacturing, Mining, Advertising, IT, Telecommunications and Hospitality


Registered Business Psychologist (PS 011 4731) and Executive Coach 

ADP (Adult Degree Programme) qualification in Criminology and Forensics from Capital University, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)

Brain Based Results Coaching methodology through the NeuroLeadership Institute and Neurozone

Licensed Practitioner in various Psychometric assessment products including (but not limited to): The Hogan Assessment Suite, the  MBTI, the CPP, the CRTB test battery, the EQi and the OPQ

Qualified Lumina practitioner specializing in the Lumina Spark, Lumina Emotion,  Lumina Leader and Lumina Sales assessment tools

Qualified practitioner and commercial partner for Neurozone

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