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We are continuously looking to build our network of expert consultants. We look for independent consultants who have extensive experience at Tier 1 consulting firms but who also bring practical experience delivering strategy in businesses. The MɅD network offers you the opportunity to be part of a larger brand and part of a growing consulting force, while retaining your independence. 

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The super-additive function

Organisations exist because collectively we can achieve more than individually. We’ve discovered that as an independent the biggest problem is delivering end-to-end solutions to the client. When working in a team, other skills are available to tackle larger problems resulting in the ability to create more comprehensive solutions.

Enhanced access to projects

As an independent the majority of a consultant’s day is spent in delivery. This leaves little time to construct a pipeline of work from existing and new clients. As part of a network, every associate adds proportionally more eyes and ears to seek out and share opportunities that could benefit from another associate’s skill set. We additionally open up large clients for independent consultants by negotiating the procurement processes and registering as vendors.

Freedom to forge your own path

Independent consultants enjoy their freedom. Additionally many of our associates already have their own successful brands and client relationships. We respect that independence and have no issue with them pursuing their own work. Because we’re not a firm, our associates can pursue work independently with the opportunity to also work and deliver larger projects together and under a common brand.

Joining a forum of likeminded, high performers

Partnering and delivering with other consultants takes some of the pressure off being a sole consultant and provides the space to share thoughts, ideas, and concepts. Our network is formed from experts who have mostly left the corporate consulting world to escape the distractions of internal politics and pressure to sell at exorbitant fees but who still want to provide professional services with intellectual rigour.

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