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Greg Comline


Greg has developed a number of digital strategies for clients and his most recent specialisation has been in developing Platform Operating models for B2B. He focuses on taking the principles from companies like Airbnb and Alibaba and applying these to B2B environments. Greg has worked with global leaders in this space and is an active member of a number of the platform working groups.


Greg is able to draw from a range of business experience to deliver projects that leverage digital technologies effectively through IT operations.​

​Greg has delivered projects for the design and execution of:

Platform (Ecosystem) Operating models

Digital and IT StrategiesTurnaround Execution

Data Analysis and Machine Learning

IT Risk Management including Disaster Recovery


Recent Projects

Standard Bank: Consulted to Corporate CIB division on the implementation of the Market Place initiatives which will develop a marketplace for FinTech companies to use Standard Bank resources to develop new services for clients. 10


Nedbank CBI: Business strategy review and digital strategy design


Tyme Bank: Development of the card payment with mobile devices


Metrofile: As Group CIO, Greg was responsible for the Migration of the Metrofile business onto a new operating platform across 5 countries. This included the digitization of the business operations onto mobile devices. In addition, we delivered the ISO27001 program to improve information security across the group companies.


Business Continuity: Greg ran a disaster Recovery business that provided full recovery services from workplace recovery to server environments, as well as the consulting for ISO 22301 standards for business continuity.


MBA, Elec Engineering BSc.