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Internationally the world of Business Consulting has changed over the past decade to fulfil the needs of organisations seeking external experts to focus on what really matters and delivering a lasting impact. This has been through the emergence of networked firms of experts coming together to offer clients a new way of engaging consulting expertise.

These experts have often left the corporate consulting world to escape the distractions of internal politics and pressure to sell at exorbitant fees. As independent consultants they find it easier to focus on providing professional services with intellectual rigour through smaller delivery teams that have expertise and experience at their core. By coming together in a networked firm they address the problem of accessing these experts, managing procurement of multiple vendors, assessing expertise and  reputation, and mitigating the delivery risk.

A number of firms like ours have emerged in Europe and North America offer a network of trusted independent professionals, managed in a network to bring structure, consistency and accountability  to conventional freelancing.

Company Directors

Karola McArthur
Director: Strategy

Dedicated to shareholder value improvement, Karola has been successfully implementing strategic change initiatives and delivering effective management solutions for over 20 years.

Stephen Dippenaar
Director: Organisational Performance & Design

Stephen has extensive experience in business model development, operating model design, organisational design, business planning, and business performance management.

Vanessa Vermeulen
Director: Programme Managemen

Vanessa is a strategy execution specialist with a focus on large scale programme / portfolio management. She has led delivery of large scale programmes in the financial services industry after successfully concluding the FIFA World Cup 2010.

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