We know potential

We are passionate about new business development and about working with start-ups and small businesses to help them grow. As part of this area of our business we invest in creating new businesses in a range of industries.

We are unlike other angel investors in that we believe in selecting businesses that can benefit from our experience as business consultants. We therefore invest a combination of finances and advisory capacity.

Step 1

Connect & understand

We spend time and energy understanding our potential entrepreneur partner and their business.

Step 2

Formulate a partnership for growth

We define clear journey for growth, including all the partners that will be needed to succeed, so that our role and value add makes sense for all parties.

Step 3

Commit and put the building blocks in place

Our time is our most important asset, so when we commit consulting time as an investment we treat it very seriously.

Step 4

Co-create the value

Our reward comes from the success of the business we have invested in so we work alongside the entrepreneur to create the envisioned business.