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Thashen Naidoo

Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Investor.

Experienced in macroeconomic and sector data analysis, international trade and trend forecasting Thashen has been part of a successful team providing strategic and tactical level guidance to businesses in the asset management and insurance sectors. Personally invested in the cryptocurrency space, he believes that the blockchain is the solution to distribute authority and responsibility through the trust-less decentralisation of resources. Equal to the belief that cryptocurrencies will become the de facto standard monetary instrument, he is fascinated by the study of economic principles in the space of a decentralised money with absolute quantities. An avid follower of technology that fulfils a need while ensuring sustainability, Thashen finds great joy in watching Tesla Model S’ thrash incumbent internal combustion powered cars down drag strips.

Thashen Naidoo M&D Associates Strategic Consultant
Joshua Motete M&D Associates Strategic Researcher